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Documental ě de ne°nymus

On 13 May 2013 we started the recording of album Ø of neønymus, cloistered at the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, under the authorization of Padre Abad, Dom Lorenzo, and with the intercession of P. Alfredo.

Every night, at half past ten, when the community was already resting in their cells, we rode the microphones in the church. Barefooted, stealthy and a deep respect for the place and what we were doing. The door of the presbytery was closed resonating powerful, and Silverio was only in the temple, in darkness. Bernardo and Suso took refuge in a small cubicle, next to the other side of the thick stone walls. At half past five, we gathered everything and we walked to our cells to sleep, cruzándonos with some old monks who came to the choir to pray.
Five days later, we continue burning in forests and caves surrounding the monastery.

We humbly present this documentary.

« Thank you for your push! (ßnima invernia foresta)