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A very personal album that has been in my head for more than three years and the demo tape was playing in my car every time I traveled at night. Sometimes it caught me from start to finish, and sometimes I couldn't hear more than a minute. But something told me that I should record it, even if only I understood it.

The shaman's dream trilogy

Sendero is not a regular record. Tells a story. All the music that makes it up, the 6 tracks, respond to a narrative thread, that tell the experience of a human being in the Paleolithic, who is also you. And I think that story can be interpreted from different perspectives. For me it represents the moment when you have to decide if you stay true to yourself, or if you make so many concessions that your essence is abandoned. And I think that this moment is reflected in the end of the second dream: in that song-lament of pure loneliness, because nobody can decide for you, nor can anyone understand the transcendence of that vital moment. A song-lament that hangs, that forsakes the listener.

Sendero are three dreams, each of them preceded by a prelude. Preludes announce (sometimes with text and sometimes only with the intention of music) what is going to happen in the dream and where it occurs, although in themselves they already contain their dream.
The first occurs in the hollow of a tree. The second, next to a spring that springs from the mountain. The third inside a cave.


The CD case explains how these music came to me. How inspiration approached me on a night in which everything seemed uncertain. One after another, dreams came on that waking night, to the kitchen of that apartment where I lived, next to the Arlanza River.

And then, once the album was recorded and the mixing process began, returning from a concert in Moscow I was transposed soon after taking off at dawn, and visualized what the design of this album was like. Those two archaic strokes, one red and one ocher, separated in the beginning, until joining in the end. And when I was looking at the details in my dream, my seatmate woke me up to tell me they were serving breakfast. I have thought a lot about that vision and its meaning.


To record this album I thought of Andrés Ama. Physically we had only seen each other once, when he came to record me a voice over for his project. There was that chemistry so important to me. When I decided that the time had come to record this work, I proposed it and accepted immediately. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We spent a week in Covarrubias (Burgos Spain), recording in the tower of Mrs. Urraca (or tower of Fernán González, tenth century) thanks to the generosity of Millán, its owner and the patience of Paloma. We premixed it in my living room and Andres went to his studio to finish mixing and mastering.


You can purchase this disc in Digipack format or digital download from my official store:

And if you want, you can leave a comment here.

Thank you for your interest in my humble music.

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  • Javier r.

    Solo quiero agradecerte que compartas algo tan profundo y personal. Das voz a muchos que también sentimos dentro el eco de lo primitivo, lo auténtico, pero que por diferentes motivos no podemos/sabemos expresarlo.

    Te deseo lo mejor tanto a nivel personal como profesional. Estoy seguro que el camino de Sendero guiará a muchos.

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