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Summary concert at the Siega Verde Palaeolithic Site (Salamanca). Pleistocene fauna animations by Perruncho Studio.

About ne°nymus

neønymus creates in live a very personal mixture of voices, sounds and instruments, using early music vocal harmonies, contemporary, folk, and maybe some jazz. Started this solo project in 2010, after receiving various influences of Norwegian artists who have gone through Covarrubias, Burgos-Spain (place of residence).

His unique voice and the originality of his songs and format where vocal lines weave created live (sometimes rising chords and other, little phrases counterpoint), and fused with a brave combination of technology, small instruments music and some objects, to move the listener about imaginary places that recreate soundscapes from antiquity to modernity, some times with a huge emotional burden.

  • ne°nymus only needs two square metres and the impressive first five minutes of his concerts to transport the listener to other times, to other rhythms. El PaÝs. Newspaper

  • "It was one of the most touching musical experiences of my life.
    I've never seen anyone transmit music as you do." Anˇnimo

  • "íne°nymus es el gran chamßn del sonido mßgico.
    Imprescindible para que el alma vibre de verdad!" Iker JimÚnez

  • "Llevaba tiempo sin sentir un Stendhal asÝ de gordo.
    Anoche fue mßgico en el volcßn sonoro que se formˇ en el muladar de Quintanalara." Pablo Lobo

  • "Tu m˙sica remueve los cimientos, ya caducos, que ya no nos sirven, hace caer todas esas emociones que nos dividen, para conectarnos a una sola emociˇn. EL PRINCIPIO. Te doy las gracias por volver a recordarme en mi interior lo que soy realmente." Anˇnimo

Two interesting
little things

CD V neonymus
┴lbum V

A˝o 2019. Grabado en el Santuario de EstÝbaliz (┴lava, Espa˝a)

CD SENDERO neonymus
┴lbum Sendero

A˝o 2019. Grabado en la Torre de do˝a Urraca, siglo X (Covarrubias, Burgos, Espa˝a)

CD ě neonymus
┴lbum ě

N.1 en ventas en / N.1 en iTunes M˙sicas del mundo. N.6 en iTunes All Music. (Oct.2013)

Some videos and concerts

Echoes from prehistory, The end of Neanderthal, Visigoth funeral, Story of a ancient battle from iron age, The lament of Kristina Hňkonsdatter, Ten seconds to wake up... are some of the titles of the repertorie of ne°nymus
ne°nymus does not the music made in the Paleolithic, but his music takes you to the Paleolithic.

Concert in the Cathedral of Palencia celebrating its 700th anniversary.

ě Documentary film

On 13 May 2013 we started recording the album Ø neønymus, cloistered at the Abbey of Santo Domingo de Silos, under the authorization of P. Abad, Dom Lorenzo, and with the intercession of P. Alfredo.

Read the whole story.

The only symbol of superiority I know, is goodness.


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